Can 11 Quick Lays Change Your Life?

Early this year, I’ve set out to accomplish a variety goals. Among the more outrageous ones, sleeping with a certain number of girls in a short period of time.

Specifically, 10 girls in 10 days.

The reasoning behind such a goal wasn’t just the fun, but also to see how beliefs, behaviors around women and in life overall would transform.

While the goal is still in progress, I’ve slept with almost a dozen women over the course of roughly 2 weeks.

Slowly, I am starting to realize the impact of these experiences – all of whom were positive and valuable.

Importance of Time

The determining factor for changes to occurs has been the focus on getting laid. More dates than days spent in Thailand quickly led to being more straight-forward (aiming for sex) with every single girl, or simply moving on to the next candidate.

Wasting time, and investing too much now seemed like the biggest risk.

Whereas only months ago, I would’ve wanted to make sure the girl was 100% interested – only to know that rejection was less of a risk.

If you have 1 date per year, it’s understandable that you’re cautious about not losing the girl.

Nowadays, I can’t be bothered with anything sex-related that’s complicated, emotionally-draining, or requires more than the bare minimum amount of effort anymore.

Dangerous Trap

Whenever the words “seduction” or “pickup” are mentioned, I try to¬†quickly cover my ears and close my eyes.

However, it wasn’t until I’ve experienced Thailand that I came to realize the amount of garbage and destructive impact of the material that’s out there.

In the past, anytime I was afraid of rejection or felt trapped in scarcity, I would’ve just read online or asked a coach. That never solved anything and wasn’t more than mental masturbation.

Really, I don’t think there’s more to fucking women than being ballsy and having basic social intuition. Anything beyond that might work, but I classify as complete and utter bullshit.

In fact, reading about seduction is part of the problem. It conditions the presupposition that fucking women requires skill or sorts of qualifications, that specific things need to be in place in order to “get” the girl.

Of course, all of it focused on the girl and NOT what you want.

Here’s what I AM thinking:

  • I hope I like her.
  • I hope she is hot enough.
  • I don’t want to be wasting time with her.

The focus clearly on valuing my own time and preferences, I am directing the orchestra. Whereas friends still operate based on the common scarcity mindset:

  • I have to show her my character.
  • I am worried I can’t satisfy her.
  • I am thinking she might not like it (if I make a move).

Subtle Shifts

I’ve come to realize what’s possible, how quickly things can unfold and that much of the process can be skipped. Prior to the Thailand trip, I wouldn’t even kiss girls on the first date. Now, I brought them back home instantly and had sex.

This one might sound emotionally-detached, but an individual women carries little significance.

This is an obvious experience when you’re flooded with pussy and live abundance where suddenly each women is ideally enjoyable but only one among many.

The value I see in pay sex has increased, but I still understand the emotional rewards and the thrill of dating fucking regular girls.

Is This For You?

I’ve been pretty pushy about recommending Thailand to many of my friends.

That’s because I’ve seen how it helped me and know that anyone struggling in this area, having issues with sexuality or still being tightly in the clutches of scarcity, can benefit tremendously.

A single 3 week trip involving a variety of girls can cause deeper, and lasting changes than taking dating coaching or reading material on it for months.

The regular guy coming to Thailand will have a similar experience as the starving homeless person going to an all-you-can-eat buffet. More choice and abundance than time available.

This can only be EXPERIENCED, not understood through reading. Trust me, I’ve tried for years.

Finally, seeing how many people struggle getting laid, Thailand seems like a more efficient and quicker solution that going out for months on end, never amounting to anything, but still wasting tons of time and money in the process.