Mobius Action Cam Review – The Best Hidden Camera?

When I initially started filming for my YouTube channel – especially the Thailand videos – placing my Qumox SJ4000 in a McDonald’s bag was fine and covert enough. Particularly since I was filming outdoors and walking around with a bag didn’t really cause suspicion.

Yet, the more I thought about filming hidden camera action, the more I realized the limitations of that setup. It wouldn’t really allow me to film anywhere inside, or at least it would look really odd and draw more attention that necessary.

Ideas I had in mind: filming inside a (gogo) bar, filming when I approach girls in malls or somewhere inside and doing short hidden camera documentaries while traveling.

By the way, the Qumox SJ4000 is about the size of a GoPro camera. Fairly small, but not the perfect solution for undercover missions. After all, it’s still clearly visible when you’re filming while holding it in your hand. I started looking on Amazon but soon gave up as there didn’t seem to be any suitable products. I’ve searched for “hidden cam“, “spy cam“, “mini cam” and probably a few other combinations.

Most cameras there either had really bad ratings (< 3 stars) or few reviews at all. There wasn’t a single item that I felt comfortable purchasing based on the reviews.

I’m not sure if I actually searched for it, or came across this section randomly, but somehow I ended up looking at action cams. You know, the GoPro-type camera and saw the Mobius Action Cam.

Finally, a camera that had solid ratings and looked small enough to do the job. While it’s intended to be used as a dash cam, helmet cam, or on a model aircraft, I had a different idea in mind.

I thought this camera could easily be mistaken for a car key or garage remote control, so I could hold it in my hand like one while filming.

I ordered the Mobius HD – V3 – LENS A90 right off the official website and selected PayPal as payment option.


Roughly 2-3 weeks later, I received a small package. The camera comes with basic accessories.


The camera is pretty tiny and as you can see, there’s no display.


The SD card slot is at the rear and the Mobius Action Cam is supposed to work with SD cards up to 32GB in size. Personally, I have only tested the manufacturer’s recommendation – Kingston Class 4 16GB.


The first test recordings were okay. Fair enough, the quality wasn’t the best but I was still happy now that I was able to record in pretty much any situation. The camera has 2 lens modes – narrow and wide-angle – however, I’ve found wide-angle is better suited for my purposes as it has a wider field of view, which is especially useful when I am somewhere close by.


I remember the first weekend I received the camera, I instantly went out to a few different locations and recorded an hour’s worth material. My intention was to use it all for my YouTube channel, but that’s where I soon ran into issues. More on that later …

Anyway, back to the camera. Since it doesn’t have a display, it’s configured via a software tool where you can adjust settings for 2 different modes (that you can switch between pressing the “M” button on the camera).


By the way, you “can” also take pictures with the cam but the quality isn’t really worth mentioning.

The only thing I found odd was that the camera wasn’t recognized by my computer using the original cable, so I had to use another micro USB cable. My laptop would charge the camera, but not recognize it as a storage device.

Why I Sold The Mobius Action Cam

The issues that came up were twofold. For one, I soon realize that while I could technically film with my new hidden camera in almost every scenario, there’s always the risk of crossing the line between grey area and breaking the law. I’m no law expert and frankly the amount of editing each video would require is too much for my taste.

Yes, obviously I would blur out faces, but still filming inside certain locations might be an issue – perhaps even one where my YouTube channel might be at risk.

So, I ended up staying out of all private property and stores, but then didn’t really know what else I could use the camera for. So I started walking around and film random hot women’s asses. Great idea … or so I thought. Only to realize later that sexual content on YouTube usually gets flagged and most likely can’t be monetized either. Another dead end.

Last idea I came up with, I thought there might be a “booty fetish” that people are looking for. So, I read up on Pornhub’s amateur content program and contacted support asking if my videos would be suitable.


Not even Pornhub would accept that kind of content (without providing IDs of all persons visible in the video), which is impossible if you film hidden camera style.

At that point, I couldn’t really use the camera for it’s original purpose anymore. I had no use for it.

Especially given that the quality isn’t that great. Closeups are blurry and macro filming is impossible. So I couldn’t use it for any other purpose. That’s when I decided to sell it and buy a high quality camera that I could use for filming all kinds of stuff (perhaps not hidden anymore – I can live with that).